Thanks for your interest in Startups 2 Students! We'd like to ask you a couple questions to find out what types of employees or interns you're looking for.
Startups2Students is an event that brings together high-quality, self-motivated students and startups. Students everywhere want to get involved with startups and learn from entrepreneurs that are currently pursuing their startup dreams. Startups2Students reverses the dynamic of recruitment by bringing local startup companies to a venue where they can give a pitch to the students, removing the resume first approach.
What's your first name?

What's the name of the company you're representing?

What's the best website for students to learn about {{answer_41852938}}?

How many employees does {{answer_41852938}} have today?

What stage of funding is your company at?

Are you looking for interns or employees?

What types of intern positions are you looking to fill? Please include compensation for each (i.e. engineering - $15/hr, sales - $10/hr, marketing...)

Please list the full-time positions you are looking for (i.e. full stack developer, database admin, sales professional...)

We have two different startup options, each with a small fee, to help support the event and the organization at the University of Colorado Boulder, HackCU. Please select the one your company would like to have:

Thanks for your interest in Startups 2 Students. We will get back to you with more details in the next week
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